Races of Rhötct

This is a list of Races your characters know about.



  1. Ailoners People native to the province governed by the city Ailon in the Midlands
  2. Ravennish People native to the marshlands of Ravensland, west of the Midlands
  3. Nordrfolk/Nords People native to the frozen tundra Nordhallr, north of the Midlands
  4. Kesqeri/Kesqerians People native to the Empire of El-Kesqer, south-east of the Midlands
  5. Yuan-Cheese People native to the Lands Beyond The Green, or the Far East
  6. Coastliners People native to the Coastal Kingdoms of the Midlands


  1. Háálfar / High elves Also known as Pure Elves, thought to be the ancestors of all others
  2. Noxxálfar / Arcane elves Elves of unknown origin, thought to be part magic-elemental
  3. Dökkálfar / Dark elves Elves native to the Midlands, thought to be touched by Tsillah
  4. Dauðrálfar / Death elves Elves native to the Cencuahitl jungle, thought to be half-demon
  5. Hvítrálfar/ White elves Elves native to Nordhallr, also known as Snow Elves
  6. Sandrálfar/ Sand elves Elves native to the Mahyzan Empire
  7. Holtálfar/ Wood elves Elves native to woodlands, thought to have the blood of Dryads


  1. Forgewizard Clan Powerful runecrafters and makers of magical armour, mostly mages.
  2. Hammerhand Clan Famed weaponsmiths, also known to have iron-hard fists.
  3. Wisebeard Clan Seekers of wisdom and keepers of lore.
  4. Earthmover Clan Miners, cartographers and architects.
  5. Artcraft Clan Bards, artists, actors… Known to be very happy-go-lucky.
  6. Blackpowder Clan Gunslingers and technology-freaks.
  7. Skyshield Clan Dwarves that have taken to living above ground, usually knights.
  8. Beastbane Clan Big game hunters and rangers.
  9. Goldaxe Clan Merchants, bargain hunters and greedy gold-diggers.
  10. Warsword Clan Gladiators, mercenaries and heroic warriors.
  11. Stormberg Clan Weather-Wizards, Sky-Druids, Hermits
  12. Ironwill Clan Golem-crafters, mental and physical honing specialists.
  13. Sageweaver Clan Monks, Sages, sometimes wizards.


  1. Drakebrood Native to the isle of Dractara, red, green or brown skinned fire-breathers
  2. Azbrood Native to the Dragonback Mountains, black skinned and poisonous.
  3. Lóngbrood Native to the Emerald Isles, wyrm-like psionics.

Races of Rhötct

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